Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big job ahead

After the initial shock of a brand new bike wore off, the realization of the massive project ahead of me set in. I would have to choose every part, from the handlebars to the bottom bracket and everything in between. Not only did I have to choose what style and type and angle and material and everything else, I then had to find that particular part with the qualities I decided on for a reasonable price and quality. 

Some of the parts I knew about (like the handlebars or the saddle), some of the parts I knew about but didn't think about needing to get (skewers, seat collar), and some of the things I had never heard of (bottom bracket, headset).  How would a kid who had only gotten "bikes" before know about those things?  It would be one heck of a job. Luckily, Steve let us look at some of his catalogs so that we could pick parts he would be able to get for us. 

Because my frame is such a bright green, I decided that getting more muted components would be a good choice. (I am planning on grey, black, and silver.) This decision narrowed the field of components, but not by much (Not nearly as much as choosing to use only hot pink components would). 

On interesting experience we had was to go to a website where we we could  select the parts to  virtually "build" our same frames with various components. The least expensive build, including the frame and fork, weighed 24.39 pounds and cost $2,404.45. The lightest build weighed 17.3 pounds and cost $4,388.51. 

Hopefully, our bikes will fall somewhere between the two, a perfect marriage of price and quality.
-SingleSpeed Kid 2

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