Friday, January 21, 2011

Single Speed Kid 1 - Bike under the Tree!

Today will be a Christmas re-count blog because I know that all of you are dying to know what happened on Christmas morning.  But first I must recount a small tale from Christmas-eve which relates to the following day.  We were having a family Christmas Eve party, as we do every year, and Single Speed Dad had just brought down two huge boxes and two smaller boxes before the party had started.  As we were sitting in our living room with the tree, my uncle asked if we knew what was in the boxes.  I didn't know it, of course, but the boxes were standing on end.  As it turns out, changing the perspective had sure tricked us.  We really had no idea what was in the box much to the disappointment of our uncle.  He was incredulous that we had absolutely no idea what was in the boxes.  I however was quite content because I much prefer to be surprised than to be “anticipating” as SSDad calls it.  When we were going to bed (much later) I was still wondering what was in the box.  Had I been a mischievous child, I would have journeyed down into the living room and shaken the boxes, if not done something more revealing, however being not that kind of child, I thought about it a little more and then fell asleep.  The next morning, I eventually got to open my huge present and its companion.  I first opened the smaller box which was a Niner moondust gray steel rigid fork.  After I saw what it was I was really surprised and couldn’t fathom why I would be getting a bike fork.  My old mountain bike’s fork was a little worn but still in good condition.  I was still pondering this conundrum when I open the large box which was a Niner S.I.R. 9 moondust gray frame!  Suddenly it all made sense; I had been given a frame and a fork.  But then I wondered, “Where is the rest of the bike?”   

SS Dad then started to explain what was going on.  He told us that we had been given single speed bikes because we could use them for the areas around our house, and they were bikes we could take to college and use even later in life.  He then told us that we would be building up our new bikes with components from Steve's On Cannon which we would help pay for and which Mom and SS Dad would help pay for; he also told us that we would be blogging about our new bikes and the whole experience of building them and riding them.  I was thrilled and started contemplating what to get immediately.  Right now I do not know what I will be getting but I do know for sure some of the things which I really wish I was getting for my bike.  Who knows maybe some of those dreams will come true!
Single Speed Kid 1

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