Monday, January 24, 2011

Single Speed Kid 2 - Say What?

It was early on non-denominational winter solstice celebration morning.  The ground was littered with the carnage of two teenagers opening non-denominational winter solstice celebration gifts.  There were but four boxes left: two for each of the Single-Speed Kids.  Two were quite large, standing almost four feet tall two wide, and less than one foot deep.  The other two were smaller, but a similarly long and flat shape.  We were told to open the smaller ones first.  The wrapping paper was torn off to reveal a red box with the name "Niner" on the side.  Single Speed Dad gave me Niner socks earlier this year, and so I assumed the box would contain some such similar paraphernalia.  When I lifted the lid, I saw a beautiful steel bike fork in Kermit Green.  I knew somewhere, deep in my mind, that the large box must then contain a steel single-speed bicycle frame, also Kermit Green.  I knew that in part because Single Speed Dad had been talking about bike frames for a few months.  I also knew that a large quantity of the parts needed to make a bike work were missing.  But I could not quite comprehend that I was getting a bike for non-denominational winter solstice celebration.  As you can guess, the larger box did, in fact, contain a Kermit Green single-speed steel bike frame.  Single-Speed Dad explained the intention of the gift: we would be choosing every missing piece for our bicycles, along with Single-Speed Dad, put them together, and blog about the process.  And here is the blog: the first of many installments from Single-Speed Kid 2.  This is gonna be fun.
Single Speed Kid 2

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