Monday, January 31, 2011

Wheelset Tension

You would expect a serious bike blog with the title "Wheelset Tension" to be some kind of Sheldon Brown dissertation on how to properly tighten the spokes on your wheel to give you the ideal dish.  But you would be wrong.

In this case, the tension is over what type and cost of wheelset the two Single Speed Kids should be encouraged or allowed to buy.  SSK1 likes the high zoot stuff.  His ideal wheelset would be Industry Nine hubs and spokes married to a carbon rim.  Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, there is no such thing.  It does, however, point out the joy, frustration and tension between "what I want" and "what I can afford" and results in "what is right for me," which, ironically for SSK1, is the whole point of going through this process together.  It's almost like I planned it . . .

There are lots of ideas floating around for what we should buy, what we should spend, and even, what colors of "stuff" should we included to make our bikes super sexy.  It's fun, but it's even better when our collective vision of the path is the same.  Not sure how this will turn out, but I suspect Single Speed Dad will prevail in the choices.  After all, I control the checkbook.

More soon.
Single Speed Dad

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