Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Parts Selection - The boys and I finally settled down for the very fun work of making "final" selections of the parts on our single speed Niners.  I anticipated a few more conflicts, but it really went smoothly overall.  Being a semi-organized kind of person, the boys were forced to accept me doing a spreadsheet of the parts we needed and then getting the exact part numbers and information on each one.  We did this so we could get the lists to Steve to get his input on a few things, get prices on many things and then make the final choices and get parts on the way.  Even though this isn't my first bike, it is a lot of fun to be building up a new bike and the boys are clearly excited by the prospect.

My hope is that we will make final selections no later than next Monday and get parts ordered immediately.  More on the parts list and pricing coming up soon.

Shop visit - I dropped off the parts and question list to Steve on Monday.  His shop continues to look better as the pre-spring deluge of boxes has started to thin and more bikes are being built up. He has a bit of everything on the floor, so it is worth stopping in to take a look.

While I was there, a young lady stopped in to check on her bike purchase.  It was a cruiser-style bike and she was infectiously happy about visiting the bike.  Don't know the particulars, but it was fun to see someone grinning ear to ear with thoughts of a new bike out on the Spokane roads.

I couldn't help but notice another bike being built up in the shop.  Steve has two stands and appeared to have two projects going.  Don't know which he was working on when I came in, but there was a Seven Cycles Diamas SL, painted in a deep sparkly purple, being set up with Shimano Di2 and Lightweight Wheels.  I don't know who is getting that bike, but it is fully tricked out.  I had to grab a shop rag and wipe the drool off the wheelset.  I promised I didn't damage them.

So, one visit - three distinctly different customers being served in the shop.  One a yoga teacher getting a cruiser; one an absent buyer of a very high-zoot tricked out bike selling for an extraordinary multiple of the cruiser price; and one looking for parts for a father/son single-speed project.  I guess that's the beauty of a small shop.

Ghost Mower - If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with the Ghost Bike concept.  A community of cyclists paints and secures a bike painted all white near the site where a cyclist has been killed.  It is usually an inexpensive bike that is completely covered in white paint and chained to a utility pole or something nearby the scene of the accident.  It is a way of commemorating a cyclist killed on the road and warning both cyclists and drivers of the fatality in that location (I just realized there is no ghost bike at the corner of 4th and Lincoln - a very dangerous intersection).  In an interesting or maybe odd twist on this concept, on 2nd and Madison, a ghost mower has been chained to a pole in honor someone named Ron.  Don't know the story, but it is an interesting that there is no grass nearby and that whoever Ron is presumably didn't die on the street corner, but the ghost mower stands a silent reminder of someone who others wanted to honor.  Not sure what all I think of it.

World Peace - There is graffiti on the World Peace sign on Hatch Road.  I wish someone would clean it up, since I know that the man who painted and cared for it is now deceased.  Some blog posts on this local icon - World Peace Guy and Steve Osmonson.

More later.
Single Speed Dad

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  1. When gravity and traffic are against me, I regain hope when I see "World Peace". I would love to see it cleaned too.