Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SSK1 - Let's get started!

Now that you have had my brother’s and my father’s take it is time for me to pick up the proverbial pen again and journal some of my single-speed related adventures.  On Christmas Day, or as some like to call it, Non-denominational Winter Solstice Holiday, I was waiting for the rest of my extended family to arrive at my grandparent’s house, so I decided to cruise the internet to look for ideas for parts to my new bike. 

Starting at the top, I decided to look for grips first.  Also, I did this because that was the first thing that I saw on the web-site.  As I scrolled through the options, a few particular grips caught my eye.  There were a couple of ergonomic grips which were similar to classic round grips, so instead of the ones with the ledge on the end they were slightly sculpted so they were still “ergo” but they were more versatile than their brothers.  I was also intrigued by “Chunky Grips” which were made by a company called “Extreme Steering”.  If nothing else, I like the name “Extreme Steering” for bike grips.

Being known around the family for being indecisive at times, I decided to ask the opinion of one of my parents.  In this case, it was not my mom because she is not a bike fanatic.  Don’t get me wrong, she likes riding her bike, however she is no where near the fanatic stage which the rest of her household has reached.  Single-Speed Dad was busy watching a movie called “Christmas in Connecticut” which was, in my humble opinion, rather strange but good.  However it’s “goodness” did not hold a candle to the “goodness” of shopping for bike parts so I ignored it until Single-Speed Kid Two kicked me off the computer so he could look at bike parts.  Unfortunately for me, Single-Speed Dad was interested in watching the movie and so refused to interrupt even one single second of it.  How could he turn down a conversation about bike parts for a black and white Christmas movie that isn’t even about Christmas? 

Anyway, I also looked at many other things on Christmas because I was tired of waiting for Single-Speed Dad to answer my questions about grips.  The only other thing which I looked at that day were wheels; I fancied the Industry 9 wheel-set, however, Single-Speed Dad said absolutely not because a) he likes telling me “no” and b) because they were too expensive and not really in line with the idea he has about the long-term use of the bike, like being a commuter bike at college, blah blah blah.  I actually think it is because they did not want me to have wheels which were that awesome. 

A few days after Christmas mom and I went down to Steve’s On Cannon Street at closing time and were loaned a couple of bike catalogues overnight.  I promptly got in the car and buried myself in them.  Even though Single-Speed Dad dismissed it as “marketing”, I determined that I was a “snake” for saddles according to Fi'zi:k.  I started putting together a long list of stuff I need/want including seat posts, tires, chains, bottom bracket, headset, etc.  I hadn’t ever thought about how many individual pieces it takes to build up a bike, but I am loving every minute of this process.  Now I just want to start buying and building.
Single Speed Kid One

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