Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Box of Parts

Dad carried the first box in a few weeks ago.  It was full past the brim with various bike parts, including: all three headsets, all three grip sets, my bar ends, two tires, three sets of brakes, two seat collars (mine is still absent), and Single Speed Dad's bottom bracket and crankset.   

This Tuesday, Single Speed Dad brought home all of the pedals and two more tires.  He also brought Single Speed Kid 1's crankset and bottom bracket.   

Thursday, he brought home our seats, from the Fi'zi:k Versus line. They are not mountain bike seats but are made for long distance/ endurance riding and we think they will be comfortable.  

 Saturday, my crankset finally arrived, along with the seatposts for both Single Speed Kids.  I have Race Face Atlas cranks and bottom bracket in a steely blue.  I had ordered black cranks, but they were unavailable.  Then I settled on a color called stealth, which was a matte finish black.  However, when Race Face went out of business recently, all black and stealth colored Atlas cranksets disappeared. So I got an awesome steely blue instead. 

On Sunday, we sat down with the boxes of parts to see what we could do to build our bikes.  Steve is going to put in our bottom brackets and headsets, then we are going to build as much as possible. Steve is going to fix everything we do wrong, then we can ride them. With an AWOL seat collar (and many other missing parts, too) the only thing I could do was attach my seatpost to my seat, which I did with great pleasure.  I  now have them sitting next to me as I type, and still, hours later, I am quite pleased with my accomplishment. 
Hopefully the future will bring more of the same. 

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