Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now that we have decided on and ordered the parts for our single speed bikes, I can no longer obsess over them.  Those decisions are put to bed.  This means I have a lot of extra time. 
As a result, I have been thinking about riding a whole lot, especially seeing as how the weather is getting better and better.  I, at Single Speed Dad's suggestion, have been contemplating what my favorite local ride is.  It is hard to decide but there are two which I really like.  They are somewhat different in terms of ease of getting there and ease of the trail, well at least from my opinion. 
One of my favorite rides is within easy riding distance of my house. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the trail. Once you get there though, there is a long and somewhat steep hill. From there it is a fairly straight shot to what I think the highlight of the trip is. It is a steep set of about a dozen short switchbacks. I am a fairly competent bike rider with pretty good balance and control, but this tests me every time. [Editor's Note - The testing comes from the speed he tries to carry every time.]  Which, actually, is what I really enjoy about it. I enjoy the steep sliding turns. I know that Single Speed Dad doesn't so much and SSK2 has not yet done it but it is great fun for me. I haven't been this year but I believe that there is some more swoopy quick stuff after it also and a little way after that there is a nice loop which has some fun stuff and a tree which I can never get over sadly.  The next part of my ideal ride on the bluff is a section which SSD showed me last year.  It is a single-track route which can be really steep in some parts but I think it is really fun.
One of my other favorite rides is in Riverside State Park.  The first time I went there was with my friend when he invited me to go mountain biking with him. It is somewhat similar to the previously mentioned swoopy track although it is much tamer and easier to ride.  This particular part of the trail is off the main paved road.  It is a little side trail and where the fun stuff starts there is a 5 foot ridge kind of in the shape of an upside down "v".  There are a few back and forth swoops and I think washboard and then it ends by going through a couple of trees which are only a few feet apart and here the trail simply ends in a meadow.  Obviously since this part of the trail leads to nothing you have to ride back in order to get anywhere.  Another good section of riding is in a dead grass meadow with burned tree stumps.  I also really like the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race and there is a lot of great and some really fun single-track near there that isn't too difficult.  All in all, Riverside State Park is really fun to ride in and there are trails for anyone who wants to ride a bike.
Both of these are really great places to ride and I have not yet discovered many of the trails along the High Drive bluff or in Riverside State Park.  I do recommend riding in either place.  Hopefully I will be able to discover much more of the bluff and Riverside State Park on my new single-speed.  Perhaps you, my loyal reader, will chance to see me, or maybe you won't, and maybe you will see me but not even know!
Single Speed Kid One

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