Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready to Build - Ready to Ride?

We are all ready to get on with building up the single speed bikes.  Due to a variety of short delays, slow decision-making or what not, the parts aren't all here, but most of them are.  This week the headsets and bottom brackets will get installed for sure, and a number of other pieces and parts will go on.  We are, however, still waiting for a box from Niner and for some wheels from Shimano.  Shipping of these wheels is not supposed to be impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but I will feel better when they actually arrive.  In any case, we are hoping that everything arrives this week and that we are building them up no later than next weekend.  We will keep you posted.

And what happens after building? Riding of course.  I am excited to be riding the bikes and really looking forward to being out with the boys, so why didn't I feel like riding this weekend?  The weather wasn't great, but it was better than some weekends I've ridden.  I had work to do, but less than other weekends when I have still managed to fit in rides.  I was tired, but not as tired as some other weekends when I got out and rode anyway.  And I even had a couple of different offers to go out with groups.  So why did the weekend pass with no riding?

Not sure, even now in thoughtful recollection.  I suspect that a couple of long weeks at work coupled with not enough sleep just combined to take me off my game a bit.  I see over at JS's blog (Cycling Spokane), he is complaining of some rather specific symptoms when he says, "I wish I had something to blame my lazy tired turd-like sluggishness on."  He decided that it probably wasn't walking pneumonia, but wasn't able to come up with a more precise diagnosis either.  I hope that he figures it out, however, because I think there is an epidemic of it.

The Morning Ride is rumored to have started last week, although I haven't seen it live, so I can't be sure yet.  I just checked the weather and the Monday morning low is supposed to be right at freezing with a chance of rain or snow.  I should be feeling excited about riding and maybe even hauling my carcass up in time for that ride, but I am just lacking the motivation to get on with it. Maybe another night of good sleep will help.  Other than that, the only known cure is new bike stuff.  Good thing more of it is coming this week.

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