Monday, March 14, 2011

Woah Baby!

This doesn't really relate to "my" cycling life in any way, except that I know enough and I have ridden enough to know that this is really, really insane.

So, sure, it looks insane that one stunt man type cyclist would set this up and tape it.  Except that is not what happened here.  Instead, this was a race where multiple people road this course for a time.  Seriously.

How many big drops does that include?  How many steps?  How do both the dog and the rider appear to be just fine after that?  How does the rider avoid hitting his handlebars on those railings?  How about that part at 1:55 when the rider goes up a wall to go over to the next part of the course?  Or at 2:20?  That next 10 seconds would scare the livin' bejesus out of me (not that I would have made it that far).  And I would definitely choke at 3:03.  BTW, you have to hit play again at 3:18 if you want it to move past that spot.

And when I was just typing those times, I have a hard time believing that all of that happened in 3 minutes.  That was more packed into 3 minutes than I can imagine living through twice.

The other thing I like about this video?  When I showed it to my son, afterward he said, "Dad, did you notice that he had purple handlebars?"  Gotta love it.

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  1. I don't think this is all that much worse than trying to ride down Sunset hill with the potholes.
    Sue Fischer