Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SIR 9 Review

As a follow up to my elaborate justification for getting the guys these bikes, here is a review by a 13 year old with an insanely colored bike, that apparently he likes.

The bikes are finally done! It seems like a long time ago that we were unwrapping these frames and started thinking about this bike project, but we are out riding them now.  

Here is my one sentence review: My Kermit Green S.I.R. 9 is the best bike I have ever ridden. 

I know that this is the way they are supposed to work, but the 29 inch wheels really do roll over bumps and rocks much more easily than the smaller wheels on my geared mountain bike. It gives the bike a whole new feel, but I am really liking it and getting used to it really quickly.

The ESI Chunky grips, which are something I found on the internet but that I was glad that Steve's on Cannon was able to stock, are soft and slightly tacky, which gives you a very secure grip on the bar. I also added bar ends, which neither my brother or Dad did, but I really like them for another hand position.  Unlike the grips and bar ends, I wasn't completely sure about my seat.  After the first ride in Riverside State Park, I thought that my seat, a Fi'zi:k Aliante VS, was the most comfortable seat in the known universe. On the second ride, the next day, I didn't like it as much. That was the day that we traded bikes around and I really like my brother's seat, which is a different Fi'zi:k seat, so much that I though I liked Single Speed Kid 1's seat better and he liked my seat better at one point that day.  We talked about it and agreed to trade seats.  The next day, though, we hadn't taken the time to trade yet and rode on our original seats for the day and we each firmly decided that liked our own seats and haven't traded.  A quick tip, it is important to make sure your seat is level and my Dad showed me how to use a level or yard-stick to exaggerate or extend the angle of the seat so that it is clearly visible if it is up or down.  Turns out that mine was slightly nose up and getting level made it a lot more comfortable.   

Today, we went on another 1-ish hour ride up the High Drive Bluff. Despite the fact that we had to go up a long, steep-in-places hill before getting to more downhill or flat riding, I really enjoyed it. I am still walking lots of hills, but every ride I get a better sense of how to get up the hills and feel more confident.  This was really only our fourth real excursion on the single speeds and I absolutely love mine.  Like my Niner reminds me every time I look at the top tube, just Pedal Damnit.

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