Monday, May 16, 2011

Sons a bikers

I ride bikes.  A lot.  And I think about bikes.  A lot.  And I write about bikes in a blog.  At least some and maybe a lot.

I have been thinking about and riding bikes for a long time now; a bit over 25 years, which doesn't include my kid-on-a-bike days.  I mean I started riding road bikes and obsessing about Euro road racing a quarter of a century ago.  That is a long frickin' time.

I know a group of guys who have been similarly thinking about bikes for a long time too.  Some of them less than 25 years, but a good decade or more.  Some of these guys also have kids, like me.  But interestingly, a number of them that have kids and a bike obsession don't have much intersection between them.  I hear comments about kids having no interest in bikes, hating bikes, leaving the room when the Tour de France is turned on, etc.  I think that would be hard, since as a cyclist I know that this is the greatest and most interesting sport in the world and that more people should deeply obsess about it, like me, and that one of the chief reasons for procreation is to create more cyclists (I read that somewhere, I'm sure).

Anyway, I am lucky that my kids not only don't hate cycling, they are kind of interested in it.  We ride bikes together and we watch some racing on television.  And, much to my surprise, one of my sons recently did a research paper on mountain biking.  This paper is a particular kind of research paper, which is by way of saying that this seems fairly informal for the kind of research papers I remember from the billion years ago when I was a student, but in any case, he had an excuse to write a paper about mountain biking, which meant some time internetting about mountain bikes, reading about mountain bikes and even interviewing someone about mountain biking.  In this case, my son interviewed a bike shop owner who was around when the whole mountain biking thing started - and guess who it was?  Yep, Steve Loveland, owner of Steve's on Cannon Street.  So next post, a research paper on mountain biking . . .

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