Friday, June 3, 2011


It was unplanned hiatus, but a hiatus nonetheless.  We didn't plan on a gap between entries, but then again, we didn't plan on a miserable cold wet spring and we didn't plan on catching the black death plague.  Or maybe it is more like a green death plague since it would appear that green death is what I am hacking up.  In any case, between being sick and not riding a lot, it has meant that there was less to blog about in the world of cycling.  Or more accurately, our cycling world.  Because I have heard of other people riding bikes and racing bikes and I even caught wind of a bike race thingy in California and one in Italy.  Which reminds me of a thought.  Which I will blog about soon.

Sorry for the gap in your reading entertainment and look for a return to your normally scheduled blog next week.

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