Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't what time you will be reading this, but at the time it comes alive on the interwebs, I hope I already have a ride in on Monday morning.  For a bike rider that wouldn't be an unusual occurrence, but I am having a hard time considering myself a cyclist right now.  Sure, I'm a cycling fan, because the month of July involved watching approximately 170 hours of Tour de France coverage (yes, it does take me longer to watch it than it takes even the slowest guy to ride it - who, by the way, was Fabio Sabatini - who rode the course 4 hours slower than Cadel Evans - in about 90 hours; which now that I check is not bad for 2,130 miles - in other words the last place guy covered the miles in an average of 23.7 mph)(Cadel did it in 24.7 mph).  Anyway, I seem to have lost my point.  Although it does raise another question in my mind.

You know how the major cycling sites have pictorials of various bikes during the Tour?  They highlight interesting bikes, bikes with custom bits, etc.  And, they usually feature the bikes from the leaders and stage winners.  Did you notice that there were no features on Cadel Evan's bike?  Pictures of his new high zoot time trial bike, yes, but nada on his BMC Team Machine.  I think they are cool and would like to know more about them, but I guess they didn't get much coverage because they are ready to focus their marketing time on the new Impec, which was ready enough to be painted yellow, but not ready enough for Cadel to ride it from start to finish.

Anyway, I seem to have lost my way again, but I wasn't going to talk about pro racing, even though Phillipe Gilbert probably deserves another shout out.  No, I was going to talk about my personal riding, which has been sparse so far this summer and particularly this July.  So, yes, it is time to get back in the saddle and get to it.  I hope to get out for an early ride on Monday (accomplished by now?) and report back later.

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