Monday, September 5, 2011

Big News!

For most of the world, this is nary a blip of news when we are surrounded by natural disasters and economies collapsing all over the world, but in the narrow slice of the world that is professional cycling, this is huge news.

The 9-month old Leopard-Trek team is merging with the RadioShack-Trek-Nissan team.  Johan Bruyneel is going to the the Director Sportif and will bring over a bit of his old guard (Horner, Kloden) and join the Schleck brothers and Fabian Cancellara.  This is shocking enough, but then this tidbit has dropped out of the story.  JENS VOIGT HAD A 1-YEAR CONTRACT WITH LEOPARD-TREK AND THERE IS NO WORD ON HIS JOINING THE NEW TEAM!

If you look back over the several hundred blog posts I have done here and elsewhere, you will note that I have never, ever typed an entire sentence in all caps.  Not even once.  [Blog disclaimer - I have no idea if this is really true.]

My wife and kids are elsewhere on this sunny Labor Day, but I knew they would want to hear the news so I sent a text to them.  The best response I got to the Jens Voigt news, "What?!?!  This will not stand!  The streets will run with blood!"

Yes, I live in that kind of cycling mad household.  So I've got that going for me.

As for Jens, it would be too awful to think of a career and man as storied as Jens going out like this.  I hope they crown him the winner of the Tour of Britain, where is leading the team, and then someone in the cycling world has the good sense to give that man a contract.

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  1. And don't forget about Levi. Levi Jens. What happened to Levi Jens?