Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning Commute

Just a couple of thoughts that I had while riding to work today.  First, I was cold.  It is the first time in a long time that I have been cold riding my bike.  I was under-dressed for the temperature, so it was really my fault, but it was odd to be riding along feeling cold when the last several months have involved being comfortable, warm or downright sweaty hot.

Which leads to my second issue.  I tend to equate this item with vacations.  For some reason my vacations tend to involve mountains and lakes, rather than beaches, so I tend to find myself vacationing in a valley somewhere.  That gives one the opportunity to notice the sun setting behind a mountain or, alternatively, waiting for the sun to get high enough to start shining in the valley and warming things.  I have had the experience of waiting longingly for the sun to come up or instead trying to get things done before the sun started heating up the air, but either way you pay attention to relationship between the sun and the valley.  Today I was reminded that I also live in a valley.  Certainly less dramatic that the mountains around Vail where I stayed for the Leadville 100 last year, but a valley nonetheless. 

I live along H195 in Latah Valley and was riding on the highway into town (well, really, next to the highway) noticing the sun on the hills to my left as it slowly crept down towards me as the sun rose behind me.  Since I was cold, I was hoping it would rise quickly enough to get some sun on my back and was mindful of where it was in relationship to my position.  As the angle of sun and time of day dictated, just as I climbed up Inland Empire Way out of Vinegar Flats and the junction at Sunset Way, I finished my climb out of the valley and the sun hit me.  Even in the brisk air, I could immediately feel the gentle impact.  It is the same feeling that I spend February waiting for in Spokane.  Those warming rays that penetrate the cold around you and sinks into your bones.  It felt great.

I had a third thing I think I was pondering, but just remembering how the sun felt has caused everything else to slip from my mind.  I better get out and enjoy it.

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