Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have joked in the past that bloggers are required by law to occasionally create posts of nothing but random thoughts.  There isn't a law to this effect, but it is handy at times.  Here goes.

  • On Monday, I needed the heater in my car and headlights on the way to work; the air conditioner in the middle of the day; and the heater and headlights to get home.  Tuesday, I needed knickers and a vest on the bike on the way to work; was wiping sweat off my brow walking on errands; and needed full lights to get home.  It's a funny time of year.
  • I was talking to someone today about bike lights.  They have come a long, long way in the last few years.  Much brighter, better batteries, less weight and cost much less.   
  • Talking about lights reminds me of a mountain bike trip on Tiger Mountain (west side of the state), where we pushed on to the top in declining light and found ourselves picking/crawling back down trails in heavy forest when we had no lights, no hope of a moon and nothing but early 20's bravado and the promise of beer to get us off the mountain.  Good times, my friend, good times.
  • Came up Inland Empire Way today and into the sun again (as described below).  It felt just as good today.  The earlier sunset and later sunrise is making me appreciate this all the more right now. 
  • Cyclocross season is coming up.  Saw two guys last night at the lower Fish Lake trailhead who said they had been riding on their secret cross training area.  I didn't find out where, but I am still wondering.  Even though it has to be some dirt trails, it makes it seem like a lot more fun since it's "secret".
  • Saw a cycling team group on the trail last night.  Some of them not only had aero bars, they were riding on them.  In a group.  On a trail.  I'm all for helmet laws, but I think people in a group should be outlawed from using aero bars.  It just isn't smart or safe.
  • Speaking of aero bars, I saw an older female rider yesterday on a bike with a huge headtube, riser bars and then aero bars.  Her position is so upright that she was a full frontal wind block.  To get into her aero bars, she would lean forward about 5 degrees.  In other words, completely useless.  Why I ask you, why?
  • Also speaking of aero bars, why do so many overweight older people have aero bars?  Science, currently rejected by all Republican presidential candidates, but still relevant to our lives, indicates that overcoming air resistance becomes more difficult as you go faster.  When these folks go from 12 mph to 14 mph in their "tuck", do they really feel it?  And if you are riding for fitness and training, why do it on aero bars?
  • Yes, I do hate aero bars except on time trial bikes, which should be ridden only by people serious about TT's and Tri racing, but no one else and not in a group.  Here's a rule, "If you won't look good in the skinsuit, don't ride the aero bars."  Simple as that.
  • Yesterday I agreed to go on a long, difficult, three summit mountain bike ride on Mt. Spokane in a couple of weeks.  I regret that decision now.  Oh, I will do it, but I know already I will hate every minute of it (except the one where I get back to my car), having not done a single similar ride yet this year.  And one of the guys going was at Leadville and has a slew of high altitude, massive climbing rides under his belt this year.  Yeah, it's gonna hurt.

More later.

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