Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And now, the News . . .

Okay, a proper tease only works when you follow it up with the actual news.  A billboard on the edge of town that reads, "NOW OPENING SOON . . . WATCH FOR DETAILS!" and then stays static for six months has failed to do its job to entice and titillate the senses.  As such, I admit that a week between "Big News!" and now turns into "Big News?"

Well then, I apologize.  I got busy, not with anything life threatening like a blood clot, not with anything important like jury duty, no, instead I got sidetracked by work and riding my bike.  But then I am an unpaid bike blogger so maybe that is all the excuse I need.  Anyway, on to the news . . .

First, Steve's On Cannon Street has been a shop for a bit over a year now.  During that time Steve has been getting settled into the space and figuring out who his customers would be in his new neighborhood and after leaving behind his alter ego store of several decades.  As such, this last year plus was a time of experimenting and transition, but now he is hitting his stride and will be starting the 2012 cycling season with a better mix of bikes and gear to suit his customer base.  One of the things lacking in his shop was the presence of a strong branded, high quality race bike.  That is about to change as this will serve as the official announcement that Steve's On Cannon Street is about to become the region's first and only BMC bike dealer.  Or maybe that should read "BMC BIKE DEALER!"

You are probably familiar with BMC bikes if you watch the Tour de France.  They were featured prominently under Cadel Evans and George Hincapie, two stalwarts of the professional cycling world.  In addition to the excellent race bikes, BMC also makes sublime time trial and triathlon bikes, some well-respected mountain bikes and a whole range of very cool commuter/urban bikes.  It's the full meal deal of bikes and I personally was really pleased to hear that it has all come together (In fact, just between you and me, I am ordering a BMC race bike in the first shipment into the shop.  I'm so excited!).  Conversations started with the BMC reps well ahead of the Tour de France this year, but obviously Cadel Evan's win made them quite sought after so it has taken some time to get the deal put together and for Steve to be ready to pull in some bikes.  They aren't on the showroom floor yet, but look for them between now and spring.

And, that isn't all of the news.  No, wait, there's more!  In addition to the new line-up of bikes, Steve is also pleased to announce that he will be co-sponsoring a bike team in 2012.  The team will consist of a group of high level racers who will be making appearances in local and regional races, but also a few who will be contesting the Master's National races in Bend, Oregon next year.  In addition, however, the team will be open to any rider interested in racing and group rides and is likely to feature some mountain bike racers and riders.  Details are still being worked out, but the co-sponsor will be an excellent partner in this project and it should be a great group.  If you are interested in participating in the team in some fashion, as a rider or sponsor, please drop Steve a line at steve [at] stevesoncannonstreet.com and someone will get back to you in the next couple of weeks with more details.

So, you had to wait a bit, but KA-BLOOWIE - there is the news and it was worth waiting for.

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