Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GM says, "Reality Sucks." Reality says, "GM Sucks."

GM started this ad campaign directed at college campuses, with the tag line "Stop pedaling . . . Start Driving."  The underlying idea is that cute girls ride in GM cars while the boys they won't date are stuck on their bikes.  If you are cool and want the hot bettys checking you out, get yourself a GM pick-up.

I've never been convinced that drinking mass-produced American beer would make bikini-clad girls on the beach think I was inordinately irresistible, so I don't think I need to buy into this particular piece of advertising drivel either.  Turns out, though, that lots and lots of people, apparently including Lance Armstrong, Global Cycling Spokesperson, got very mad about this stupid campaign and have inundated GM with complaints and demanded an "unlike" button the GM Facebook page.

As a result, GM has utilized the most famous defense for being a bigot ("one of my friends is black/gay/handicapped/etc.) and has taken to twitter to say, literally, we are cyclists too so we didn't think you would be offended.  They have pulled the campaign and will look for some other way to induce students to buy cars than by insulting all of them that have bikes. 

My favorite part, it was all brought to you by social media.  The awareness of the ad, the ease of ganging up on GM, and the Twitter apology.  Start to finish in less than 24 hours.  It's a funny world we live in.

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