Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Update

The River City Red Cycling Team is coming together nicely. Our team kits are mocked-up and ordering is in process. Most teams are doing that this time of year, but we are doing one other thing that is noteworthy - we are riding our bikes. Sure, if you are from Florida or California or Hell (roughly equivalent spots), then you are used to riding a bike in January. If you are from the Inland Northwest (or even more so if you are from the Inland Empire), you are used to snow and ice being the predominant road surface in January. That doesn't lead to ideal cycling. In fact, except those who have purchased fat tire bikes or studded tires, this time of year can be strictly limited to trainer time, ski time and beer time. Personally, I don't have a problem with any of those, but it is nice to be able to get outside and ride given the opportunity.

Nice, however, ends with the weather if you happen to be the weakest link in the group. Not that they weren't nice about it, but my lack of riding, lack of fitness and lack of pushing away from the table sooner is readily apparent when this group heads out. There is a theory that you can improve this equation and I have put a call into leading authorities to establish the veracity of such claims. Until then, enjoy the early season riding opportunities.

One other shop related item. Steve has been busy re-organizing the shop on Cannon Street. He is making room for more bikes on the south wall, moving cabinets to open up the space a bit and installed lots of space to hang things. He is getting in 2012 inventory as you read and making ready for the new season. Stop in to check out the re-arranged digs.

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