Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting it all together

I rode my bike to work today for the first time in 2012.  I know I am behind a few folks, but I am also way ahead of the crowd that will only come out for Bike to Work Week ( I guess those folks are the equivalent of the church on Easter and Christmas eve only types).  It all worked out fine, but what I realized is that I should have done it over the weekend as a trial run.  It would have saved some hassle.

The good news is, however, that I learned a couple of things today.  First, I learned that you can recreate that feeling of swallowing too much ice cream too fast called "brain freeze" with external application of cold air.  Really.  I did it today and did not previously know that was possible.

I also re-learned why we ride our bikes with the traffic instead of against the traffic.  Because riding on the highway shoulder with the traffic isn't too bad, but riding on the highway shoulder against the traffic can freak the sh_t out of you.

I also re-learned that age old adage of "leave in plenty of time."  And also, "be prepared."  And also, "measure twice, cut once."  And a non-drastic version of "check yourself before you wreck yourself."

You see, what I did was to get dressed for riding to work, collected my stuff, forgot some stuff and left others around the house as I wandered around collecting other things.  Then I pumped up my tires and hit the road. 

As I headed out, a couple of items that I had forgotten came to mind.  I thought about the wool hat that I had picked up as I was getting dressed and even had in my jersey pocket at one point, but I checked and it wasn't there.  I thought about the garage door opener to get in at work.  I realized I forgot my heart rate monitor for the "training" ride home.  I also wondered about anything else I had forgotten, although as I picked up speed a couple of miles from my house, I realized that the only thing that I couldn't live without was something on my head.  My head was getting very cold; quite uncomfortably cold. I thought again about the hat I had in my jersey then had also then taken it out and set it down some place.  At first I figured I could tough it out.  Then I got brain freeze.  The first time ever from cold air blowing on my noggin.  Maybe it's the lack of hair, the 34 degree temperature or the 25 mph wind, but in any case, it was enough to hurt.  I regretted leaving without the hat, but realized I had something the pannier with my briefcase that I could use to cover my head so I stopped and dismounted.  And then I realized that I had no pannier.  No pannier meant no briefcase, which meant, no stuff I needed to have at work. 

So back home I went.  I got a hat, and the garage clicker, and the HR strap, and the pannier, and my other glasses for work and a water bottle.  And then I rode back to work.

I'm thinking it will go smoother tomorrow, right? 

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