Monday, March 5, 2012

Post-Op - Wawawai Landing TT & Hill Climb

Very Short Recap - Great day down by the Snake River for a TT and Hill Climb race.

Short Recap - The TT and Hill Climb races went off without a hitch thanks to organizing by Ted Chauvin, a great officials crew including two Sirotts (Mike and Sara), some volunteers from River City Red Cycling (thanks again Scott, Taylor, Kelly, Bree, Andrei and Frank (yes Frank, donating your generator counts)), and, of course, all of the racers including those from the team - Brad Hamby, Mark Kraby, Andy Lukes, Dana Harper, Josh Messinger, Andrei Mylroie, Brad Hamby and Mark Kraby.

Recap - The Wawawai Landing TT and Hill Climb were held yesterday, Sunday, March 4, 2012.  The day was pleasant, although windy near the Snake River.  The race was primarily organized by Ted Chauvin, his third year, but with an assist from the River City Red cycling team.

The TT started at 11 am, lead by an 11 year-old junior racer in his first ever start.  This was followed up by 39 more competitors (almost all checked in by my wife - thanks, honey!) who faced a very stiff headwind for the very flat 10k out-leg along the Snake River, but were blessed with a stiff tailwind for the 10k back.  The fastest male was Shawn Ungers, with a 27.47 time, and fastest female was Allison Beal with a 31.12.  The River City Red crew was represented by Dana Harper, 2nd in Cat 3; Andrei Mylroie, 3rd in Cat 3; and Josh Messinger, 5th in Cat 3.  We were also represented by Andy Lukes, 2nd in Cat 4/5; Brad Hamby, 10th in Cat 4/5; and Mark Kraby, 12th in Cat 4/5.  River City Red, with 6 riders, was the second best represented club there, following Baddlands.

The Hill Climb went off at 2 pm and is a mass start for all categories.  The hill starts right next to the Snake River and climbs all of the way, and I mean ALL of the way, out of the Wawawai Canyon.  It is a very tough 11k climb, with some of the steepest sections near the top.  Both hill climb records were broken, for the men by Jake MacArthur in 27.34 (30 seconds faster than the 2010 time), and for the women by Jodie Bolt in 32.20 (by a crushing 3 minutes, 9 seconds).  This was probably evidence of some of that tailwind coming up the canyon, but it was impressive nonetheless.  River City Red was represented by Dana and Josh, 3rd and 6th in Cat. 3, and Andy Lukes in 5th in Cat 4/5 (Andy had the fastest team time in the two events, by a decent margin - a great showing, particularly since these were his first bike races ever).  And, just for the record, I didn't ride it, but I have done a Cray super computer analysis of my height, weight, wattage, aerodynamics, hydration drink selection and energy absorption from the sun decreased by the wind loss and measured those things against this particular grade.  This analysis indicates that I would be finishing the hill climb right about now.  Yes, now, whenever you are reading this.

The day's recap cannot be complete without a special thanks to River City Red team members Scott McSpadden and Taylor Pilant, who helped with course set-up for both courses and did road marshalling duties at both; to Frank Johnson who loaned us equipment; to my wife Kelly who did almost all of the registration duties by herself despite never having done anything like this; and Bree, who helped with the TT set-up and then acted as Dana's support crew.  And finally, hat's off to Ted Chauvin, who did a great job organizing this whole rodeo.

This is a great early season race with good weather and a low key atmosphere.  Look for it again about this time next year.  If you want to peruse the results, take a look here - Time Trial and Hill Climb.

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