Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wawawai Landing TT & Hill Climb

Sure there is snow on the ground again this morning, but it is still time for bike racing.  Yes, you heard me right. This weekend, and in more places than Belgium, there will be bike racing.  Specifically, about two hours out of Spokane you will find a place that promises to be about 10 degrees warmer than Spokane (this means 60 degrees on Sunday, and won't that be nice?) and which, conveniently for all involved, will be hosting two separate races this weekend - A 20 kilometer, flat TT and a distinctly not flat 11k mass-start Hill Climb race.

There is a great deal of history, discussion and explanation at Ted Chauvin's tumblr account, which you can find here: (Ted is the originator, guardian and promoter of this event).  You can find the specific race information here:  And there you will find a link to register online, or just come down on Sunday and register the old fashioned way (by standing in line).  I will personally be there helping with registration and not just to avoid having to race.

Yes, it's a bit early to feel fit and fast, but that is EXACTLY why you should come do a race.  It will make you fit and fast later and catapult you ahead of your non-racing rivals.  Guaranteed.*

*Terms of Guarantee - This is a completely and wholly bogus guarantee.  There will be no refund of race fees (even as nominal as they are).  There will be no actual way to determine that you are fitter or faster than non-racing rivals.  You may go faster or slower than non-racing rivals on any particular day, but instead of getting your money back under this guarantee, just tell your rivals that you are training by "power" and your coach told you to keep in the ochre basic power zone, which explains why are you are slower.  Don't worry that "ochre basic power zone" means nothing; no one will know that.  I guarantee it.

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