Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catch-up Post

First, I would like to point out that a Catch-up Post is very different than a Ketchup Post.  Enough said.

And now, here are some team and shop updates for your reading pleasure.  Steve's on Cannon is going to be stocking Hincapie Sportwear cycling clothing in the upcoming season and so our shop-supported team made the decision to use Hincapie's custom line for our team kit.  To be perfectly honest, there were a couple of glitches in this process, but full credit to Hincapie Sportwear for doing what they could to correct the issues and take care of the team.  The clothing looks great and the technical details on the kit are fantastic.  Dare I say, the nicest team clothing I have ever had.

Our team clothing must have contributed to the team mojo in our first fully kitted race, with team members taking 1st and 5th in the A pack (Mylroie/Coleman), 1st, 8th and 10th in the B Pack (Bronson, Schneider, Lukes) and 1st and 4th in the C pack (yours truly/Johnson).  We also had a couple of other guys who raced well in the A/B pack and helped represent (Kraby, Lobdell).

On the shop side, Steve has recently gotten in a couple of new BMC models, including a wickedly fast looking TT01 TimeMachine bike.  If you want to see what fast looks like, stop by the shop and check it out.  Or, as a teammate (AM) said last night (although about our kit), "look fast, go fast."

On the bike front, BMC is introducing a couple of new bikes in their line-up, including a Gran Fondo bike used by the BMC Team for Paris-Roubaix and for us mortals to use in long-distance riding/racing, and a hot looking 29" hardtail, the TeamElite TE01 29.  For previews, check out these spots - Gran Fondo (Red Kite Prayer review) and the Team Elite TE01 (Bike Rumor preview).  Don't tell my wife, but I will be eyeing that 29er with a certain consumer-oriented focus.

And lastly, keep an eye out for a post on my BMC RaceMachine with Ultegra Di2.  I have had this bike for about a month, raced it twice, changed stems on it three times (reverting to the original), put a third seat on it, and finally got my race wheels shimano-fied for use with it.  I am ready to review it and give my detailed, thoughtful and signature rambling review.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aero gone too far

I would really like to write a blog about how cool it was that Paris-Roubaix was covered live for the first time ever on American television today, but for anyone sitting in anticipation for the coverage to start and then have it cut live with no video of the roll-out, no video of the sure-to-be-caught-break forming, no video of the Forest of Arenburg, no video of the battle, but just cut to Boonen out front and within 10 minutes with an unassailable lead (since Cancellara is at home recovering from quadruple collar-bone break), I have to say it was a bit disappointing.  Really.

On the other hand, it was covered live and maybe, just maybe, some TV executive will think, "hey, in order to make this worthwhile, maybe we should cover MORE of the race."  Stranger things have happened.

Which is a good segue to this video - sure, stranger things have happened, but this is pretty strange in and of itself.  It does give me some ideas for the Big Wheel in my basement though . . .

Oh, that Big Wheel - I'm going to add a soundtrack to it.