Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aero gone too far

I would really like to write a blog about how cool it was that Paris-Roubaix was covered live for the first time ever on American television today, but for anyone sitting in anticipation for the coverage to start and then have it cut live with no video of the roll-out, no video of the sure-to-be-caught-break forming, no video of the Forest of Arenburg, no video of the battle, but just cut to Boonen out front and within 10 minutes with an unassailable lead (since Cancellara is at home recovering from quadruple collar-bone break), I have to say it was a bit disappointing.  Really.

On the other hand, it was covered live and maybe, just maybe, some TV executive will think, "hey, in order to make this worthwhile, maybe we should cover MORE of the race."  Stranger things have happened.

Which is a good segue to this video - sure, stranger things have happened, but this is pretty strange in and of itself.  It does give me some ideas for the Big Wheel in my basement though . . .

Oh, that Big Wheel - I'm going to add a soundtrack to it.

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