Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Commuting to Work

Being a bike shop blog in Spokane, a few things are missing.  A blog about Eric Abbot's bike being stolen, a blog about the Twilight Downtown Criterium and a blog about Lance Armstrong vs. USADA.  I have also promised blogs about Ultegra Di2 and a follow-up on my Niner One9.  I have also read a couple of cycling related books in the last few weeks, about which I usually share some thoughts, and have Tyler Hamilton's book on the way to my front porch as I type.  So what's the point to this list?  To show how lazy and behind I am on important things.

Oh sure, I have a couple of other things I have done in the meantime, like maintaining my marriage and parenting my kids a bit here and there, and keeping the creditors at bay by earning a living and giving them the proceeds, but those things pale in comparison to importance of maintaining a bike blog, don't they?

One other major problem jumped out at me recently also.  Every month of 2012 between January and July, I managed to ride my bike between 20 - 30 hours a month.  Not a lot, but a reasonably consistent effort to spin the wheels a bit.  How about August? Seven.  Let me repeat - seven.  7 hours total.  Seven stinking hours is all that I managed to pedal a bike in the month of August.  Hell, I was planning on a vacation during which I was hoping to ride seven days in a row.  In the last several Augusts I have had at least one ride that was seven hours long.  What happened?

Life.  And Work.  And Family.

Oh sure, those have a place, but things got out of whack in August.  Time to rectify that.

And to that end, I rode my bike to work yesterday and today.  Road bike yesterday and mountain bike today.  So to celebrate the awesome place we live and cycle, and to celebrate our great September weather so far, here is a picture of my morning commute.  And just so you are jealous, I will let you know I intend to just the same on the way home.